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Segmented Turning

Segmented Woodturning or as it has been called in the past polychromatic (1) woodturning, has been around for many years. In the 1970s and 1980s, Emmett Brown and Cyril Brown, with their publication of Polychromatic Assembly for Woodturning, was published for the use of members of the Society of Ornamental Turners in the UK and also the International Wood Collectors Society in the USA which inspired thousands of turners to experiment (2). Dale Nish in 1980, with his publication of Artistic Woodturning, sent a signal to the woodturning world that it was ok to glue wood together.

Simply stated, a Segmented Turning is an object you construct out of pieces of wood or other suitable materials rather than starting from a wood turning blank or other timber. Segmented Woodturning is much more than gluing together pieces of wood into a bowl. It is about creating exciting objects that challenge you and stimulate the interest and enjoyment of others.

There are now many books, DVDs, and computer software available devoted to Segmented Woodturning. The Segmented Woodturners in this Guild formed a group four years ago to share their techniques and methods of construction. The group meets monthly and discusses various aspects of construction and critiques members work. Indeed, this is one of the aspects of our group to solve the mysteries of Segmented Turning to beginning Segmenters and others that make it such an attractive group within the Guild.


(1) Polychromatic: work of art in many colours. “Polychromatic woodturning” the art of piecing together many pieces of various coloured wood and turning them into a pleasing shape.

(2) The Art of Segmented Wood Turning by Malcolm Tibbetts.

Some examples of segmented turning by our members.

Bob Jones October 2012
Harry Optveld February 2012 - 1
Bob Jones August 2012
Harry Optveld February 2012 - 2
Bob Jones February 2012 - 1

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